Discover the Key Themes & Frameworks in a Book With Thematic Analysis

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Malcolm Gladwell popularized the idea of the 10,000-hour rule in his book Outliers.

The idea is that it takes 10,000 hours of practice to become an expert in any given field. Years later, this became a widely accepted concept.

Another common idea is that, whatever field you are in, you should read at least five books on a subject before you can confidently write about the topic.

Even then, with that level of knowledge consumption, you need to find an effective way to take notes or figure out the nuances of personal knowledge management (PKM).

For these reasons — coupled with our busy lifestyles — people turn to sites like 12 min to get a summarized version of the key concepts in a book.

From their site:

Our team has experts capable of synthesizing the best books for you to access the most innovative, daring and provocative concepts and ideas from the bestsellers.

We analyze each of the bestsellers, read, re-read and create a new, synthesized, optimized and unique work.

More than a book, we develop syntheses containing everything we consider necessary, so you do not have to get lost in hundreds of pages without knowing if it’s really going to be worth it..“

12 min

Well, there’s now a new kid in town:

ChatGPT and Artificial Intelligence.

And he’s able to perform incredible feats of qualitative data research — even into books themselves using Thematic Analysis.

With “Thematic Narrative Analysis,” you’ll:

  • Identify the key themes and frameworks in a book
  • Save time and effort in expanding your knowledge
  • Get a tailored analysis based on your interests
  • Get a summary of the essential concepts and ideas
  • Update and refine your understanding of a subject

Have you ever tried to manage a PKM system?

If you’re a sole entrepreneur managing a business (like me), creating a functional, effective PKM system is incredibly difficult.

Sure, I read tons of books.

I like to make highlights. Build connections. Create new ideas, insights and angles that — as an author — can help me write informative content to help others interested in the topic.

However, when it comes to summarizing books “consistently” — it’s time-consuming, painful, and always get’s put off until later.

ChatGPT has the answer.

And it’s now been integrated into KDSPY Pro.


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With KDSPY Pro, you can perform a Thematic Analysis of tens of millions of books on Amazon in just 12 seconds.

  • Load any book page in your browser on Amazon
  • Click on KDSPY Pro
  • Click on the Insights tab
  • And click on Thematic Analysis

And in seconds, ChatGPT (AI) will highlight the key themes, frameworks and lessons within.

Video Walkthrough:




Be mindful of books published after June 2021.

ChatGPT will not know about those books (yet), so you may get an incorrect response from the AI.

We’re promised an update (GPT-4) in Q1 of 2023. So, fingers crossed the update will include more recent data.

Not a KDSPY Pro user?

Lock yourself in for a one-time fee of just $69 — before I come to my senses and make this a monthly subscription.