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From the desk of: Wesley Atkins
Wednesday, 9:21am
London, UK.

Back in February, I caused a bit of a ‘stir’ with my customers.

You see:

I announced my 1-on-1 coaching program to my Publishing Altitude Members, and ever since that announcement -- I’ve had a literal barrage of emails about the price.

Why? …

Because, SO MANY people wanted to take me up on the offer, but they just couldn’t afford the $7,500 price tag right now …

So why am I writing to you today?

Because I don’t want price to get in the way of motivated and passionate individuals like you transforming your financial life this year with your knowledge, so …

I Want To Make It Absolutely
Painless For Anyone To Participate

A true no-brainer.

After dealing with a flooded inbox from my members that needed direction in their publishing business ... I had to come up with a solution to get these life-changing lessons into people’s hands at a fraction of the 1-on-1 coaching price tag.

So … I’ve come up with a solution.

And it’s pretty simple really.

You see …

I’ll be taking my coaching students though a process to turn their book(s) into a 6-figure business. The same process I’ve been through in the past 10 months to take a new publishing brand to $192,810.08 in sales. (as of today).

And I figured, why not document the steps I take them through every month – so YOU can follow along, too

But that’s not all.

Because, you’ll also get my advanced sales and marketing strategies guaranteed to grow your Amazon royalties alongside.

So, for a limited time, you’re invited to join the only newsletter in the self-publishing space that guarantees it's members to reveal …

The Quickest And Easiest Way
To Grow Your Self-Publishing
Business To The 6-Figure Level

That’s right …

Every month, I want to bring you the goods in a NEW monthly newsletter called:

‘Self Publishing Confidential’spc-cover-triple

Inside, I promise to deliver advanced strategies only reserved for my top-level clients paying me $7,500 to work with me for 6 months 1-on-1 …

And you get the same insider information for just over $1 per day

Like I said, I want to make this a true no-brainer … with no barrier for price to stand in your way of changing your financial life this year.

Inside each issue, I promise to spill the beans on how ANYONE with a book, an interest or knowledge can create a life changing income online.

Here’s A TINY Taste Of What I'll Be Covering In The ‘Self-Publishing Confidential’ Newsletter In Just The Next Few Months ...

  • Insider strategies to take your existing knowledge or book(s) and LEVERAGE other platforms to make BIGGER (much bigger) profits.
  • The simple steps to transform a SINGLE book into an information product empire consisting of MULTIPLE products you can sell for $17 - $497.
  • How to build a 24hr sales machine in just 2 hours to sell your information product on complete AUTOPILOT.
  • The fill in the blanks sales copy templates I use to convert more than 24% of my prospects into buyers.
  • How to grow an email list of BUYERS and get PAID to do it – allowing you to make $1k in a SINGLE day by clicking SEND.
  • Insider tactics to create a backend marketing funnel that allows you to grow your business on steroids and convert over 40% on additional offers that sell for BIG money.
  • Advanced persuasion strategies to convert more prospects into sales ON AMAZON … and how to track and test conversion right on their site.
  • Leave your competition clueless as to why your OUTSELLING them once you understand how to mind-read your customers DEEPEST needs, wants and desires.
  • Advanced marketing & promotional techniques to propel your Kindle eBook into the top 100 of the FREE Kindle store in just 24 hours – resulting in 50+ PAID sales the next day.
  • Walkthorough case studies of ANY tests I happen to run on Amazon Kindle and my full results REVEALED.
  • Plus so much more...

Why Would You Bother Doing
All This Research Yourself?

Just let me hand-deliver it To You EVERY Month instead.

You could go on buying every Kindle and Internet Marketing training package that get’s released, or, you could just get …

… The latest, cutting edge strategies in “Self-Publishing Confidential’ to increase your book sales on Amazon … AND … build a REAL business with your book(s) by leveraging its content into other media that you can sell for between $17 - $497.

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... I gotta deliver the goods. Or you cancel. It’s that simple.

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I can't say fairer than that.

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