Turn Your Kindle eBook Into A Physical Copy With Createspace & Create A New Revenue Stream In Under An Hour

Here's my simple 3-step system which reveals how to increase your book royalties a minimum of 32% by creating a physical copy of your existing Kindle titles.

From the desk of: Wesley Atkins
Wednesday, 12:11pm
London, UK.

Dear Kindle Author,

Are you truly maximizing the worth of your current titles?

If you have titles that aren't up in paperback (and selling well) then the answer to that question is a resounding no!

Think about this:

The time and money that you pour into each and every book that you publish through Kindle is an investment in your future.

It's Intellectual Property that you own. You can slice and dice that Intellectual Property however you desire to maximize your investment.

It's a tool.

It's leverage.

And it's the best investment in the world as it keeps on paying dividends for years and years to come.

But hardly anyone in the Indie author space is treating it like an investment ... probably because they've forgotten this one fundamental rule...

The Best Investment Is A "Diversified" Portfolio.

The Same Is True With Your Books

Here's the biggest mistake that I see new authors making:

They put all their eggs into one basket.

They only upload digital copies of their books to one distributer... typically Amazon.

And they just let their Intellectual Property sit, collecting "digital dust" without realizing that if they took just 3 more simple steps beyond that initial upload they'd be able to generate up to 32% more in monthly revenue... without having to write any more books!

But you know what?

Createspace is a PAIN.

And I completely understand why customers of mine have repeatedly asked for templates, a step-by-step video tutorial, and the complete guide to getting books from digital to print.

If you've ever tried to make the transition from digital to paperback then you know firsthand just how obscenely annoying it can be to:

  • Figure out, and then "reformat" your manuscript to match the nitpicky requirements of Createspace's confusing formatting system...
  • Completely *redesign* your cover to match the new width & length requirements... and that's only AFTER you figure out how thick your book is going to be (if you even can), what the design specs need to be, and a whole host of other minute details...
  • Then "try" to get the whole kit and caboodle accepted through their automated (read: heartless) acceptance system...

And that's on a good day.

Trust me, I know exactly how you feel about all this stuff ... but before you get too discouraged looking at that possible 32% increase in royalties as just "too much work", I want to share with you a story of a good friend of mine (and loyal KDSpy customer) who overcame the "Createspace is just too hard" time suck and EXPLODED his fiction business by doing exactly what I want to teach you today...

... In fact, this newbie author "Diversified" his investment portfolio by creating Physical Versions of his Fiction eBooks for Createspace...

Adding $238,802.11 In Royalties In His First 12 Months

Meet Mike Shreeve.


He started publishing back in Jan of 2014.

And he made the same mistake almost every indie author makes...

He got intimidated by Createspace and kept putting out more work instead of leveraging his Intellectual Property to make *more money* with his existing books.


Then one day Mike stumbled upon a shocking headline from his daily Washington Post subscription:

"Why digital natives prefer reading in print. Yes, you read that right." - Washington Post

Then it dawned on him...

Physical books sell, and they sell a lot... but you've got to get them up first before they'll make money.

And poor Mike, he had 36 titles to upload to Createspace... YUCK!

But he did it (with the help of a VA).

And the result:


The only thing that changed was he overcame the fear, anxiety, and chore that uploading Createspace books can be. You can do the same with the right step-by-step program.

When I heard that story I decided to share my simple 3 Step System for creating winning physical books with Mike and this is what he said:

"I wish I had this product back in January of 2014. I hate the thought of all those readers who missed my books because they only buy paperback... but I was too afraid to deal with Createspace at the time. I'd happily pay for a program like this just to give to my VA so she could upload the books for me..."- Mike Shreeve

Introducing the 3-Step System...

"Paperback Profit Formula"

This is profiting from Createspace simplified.

You'll get:

  • My copy and paste templates for easy print creation and uploading... even if you run in terror at the site of anything semi-technical you'll be able to take hold of these templates and turn your existing Kindle eBooks into physical print copies worthy of bestseller status...
  • 3 powerful "over-the-shoulder" videos that will take you by the hand and walk you through the process of creating your very own print version of your books... Together we'll walk you through from Createspace account set-up all the way to submission and syncing your digital and physical copies together for an almost immediate bump in digital sales through a little known sales tactic which I'll explain in the course...
  • My "Early Warning" system for detecting and weeding out potential formatting issues that you might run into... if you've ever wanted to pull your hair out trying to figure out why Createspace wasn't playing nice with your books then you'll love this!
  • My "Maximum Royalties" pricing structure... trust me, this works regardless of the genre -- fiction or non -- and arms you with the knowledge to get fair pricing from your work by utilizing the power of print...
  • PLUS: You'll get behind the scenes access as I show you how to use your new print titles to maximize sales across all channels by following my proven Goodreads Giveaway marketing program... If you want to see a windfall of sales on your backlist follow this strategy to the letter...

The "Paperback Profit Formula" is an ‘over the shoulder’ ‘no-fluff’ 1 hour, 2minute video demonstration that you can follow along with as you create your print versions.

From scratch to print.

No guesswork.

No confusion.

We'll skip all the unnecessary details that will just end up bogging you down and instead... focus on delivering proven, high quality templates that you can use over and over again to generate quick print versions of your titles without having to hire expensive formatters or overpriced designers (unless you really, really want to...)

This is the exact process I (and Mike) use to take an existing Kindle eBook, convert it into a printer-friendly template and get a physical copy up on Amazon, resulting in a boost of revenue almost every time.

And I've condensed this entire process into 3 easily digestible steps for getting your book from Kindle to Createspace in no time flat!

Step ONE:

The "Ready To Go" Template

  • See me turn one of my favorite books (a book I wrote for another project) into a beautiful print version from its existing digital copy... LIVE, right on screen... if you learn best by following along then you are going to love this video...
  • Get a bird's eye view of the 'Ready To Go' template (the template you get FREE when you purchase the Paperback Profit Formula)... you'll see just how easy it is to copy & paste from your existing manuscript to my proven Createspace template that makes beautiful, well formatted physical copies a real possibility... PLUS: I'll share with you the only 3 fonts that you can realistically use without getting into 'hot water'...
  • Watch as I work through common formatting issues LIVE on screen... headers, footers, titles, paragraphs etc. I'll tackle them all and show you how easy those "problems" are to overcome with the 'Ready To Go' template...
  • Find out my favorite format checking tool... run your files through this tool and make compliance with Createspace standards a breeze!
  • And much, much more...

Step TWO:

Hiring The Designer

  • Discover the #1 thing you need to figure out before you can even think about sending your book off to a designer... forget this and you'll be paying your designer for multiple rounds of revisions for no good reason...
  • My top 4 places for finding the right designer... PLUS: I'll give you the contact information for one of my favorite designers I've ever used... (Don't worry, I don't like to pay a lot for designs either... and my favorite designer will get the job done for just $25)
  • How to generate the template that your designer needs to give you the best design possible in just a few simple steps (just follow me as I do it LIVE on video)... If you've never worked with a designer to create print covers this video is going to be incredibly helpful in giving you everything you need to make sure you get the right design the first time...
  • Get the exact message (and design brief) I send to potential designers to ensure that I get exactly what I want and need each and every time... communication is key and I've learned from working with many designers exactly what to say to get the project done well and on time...
  • An much, much more...


Createspace Book Submission

  • Discover the first thing to look for when your designer sends their design back to you... if they miss this important bit of formatting your book launch could get delayed...
  • Find out why I don't pay my designer until after I do this one thing to make sure I'm not chasing my freelancer to get the project finished on time...
  • Watch as I take the raw file from the designer, my manuscript (now formatted with my template) and walk through the entire submission process step by step... if you follow along with me you'll be able to achieve the same seamless & smooth upload of your own print version... guaranteed!
  • See me use my "Early Warning" system of looking for potential problems as I upload the book so that I don't have to wait for my printed 'proof copy' to arrive before uploading my new print version...
  • Learn how to match your digital and physical titles together so that you can capitalize on comparison selling principles... earning up to 400% more in royaltiesfor each of your print copy sales just by following the pricing model I've developed from testing and retesting my own pricing models...
  • And much, much more...


Explode Your Sales With A 'Goodreads Giveaway'

If you've ever wanted to tap into the incredible power of a well planned Goodreads Giveaway then you'll want to watch every second of this video as I walk you through (over the shoulder) my exact system that I use to give away thousands of books and sell thousands more using the fastest growing readership site on the planet!

In this video you'll learn:

  • How to tap into the 30,000,000 hungry readers on Goodreads (and turn them into your brand evangelists) by creating well planned giveaways that extend your reach as an author and increase your sales as an self-published entrepreneur... I'll even show you how I managed to generate over 1,000+ requests for a giveaway copy in just days for one of my smallest books to date...
  • How to add your book to Goodreads (and what to put in the description box to maximize sales) in less than 2 minutes...
  • How to set up a Goodreads giveaway so that you can leverage early exposure for your book before you even release it... and... you'll discover how to use a giveaway to bump sales for an existing title even if it was published ages ago...
  • Exactly what to write in the giveaway description to maximize interest in your giveaway even if you aren't a pro copywriter or book seller... (just copy what I write in the video)
  • And much, much more...

How To Really Grow Your Fiction Empire With The "Paperback Profit Formula"

You might be looking at your backlist right now thinking, "Ugh, this is going to take forever to get all my books up on Createspace even if it does take less than an hour for each book... is it really worth it?"

First off, yes, it is absolutely worth it.

Mike's story is proof.

But perhaps more importantly...

You don't actually have to do any of the work.

Unless you want to, of course.

You see, I've created this program in such a way that you could use it to train your incredibly inexpensive, $3/hour Virtual Assistant from the Philippines to do everything required to upload and start earning from your new print versions.

The investment? ...

Grab Your Copy For Just $47 Today

Access to the "Paperback Profit Formula" video training is just $47 during our special launch promotion -- which is a drop in the bucket compared to the royalties you're leaving on the table by not having your books in Physical form.

But wait.

Don't decide now.

Just say “Maybe” and ...

Test Drive My Paperback Formula
RISK FREE For 60 Days…

That's right.

If you do exactly what I advise, I guarantee you’ll discover the precise system for creating better print versions of your books in ONE hour and increase your royalties at the same time.

If, however, you follow the steps and you don’t see a difference in your royalties...

You have a full 60 days to change your mind and get every penny of your investment back.

Just email my support desk and I'll issue you a refund.

No hard feelings. No questions asked.

Sound fair?

Better Looking Books In Print --

Yes Wesley! I want to leverage my existing content and increase royalties by creating physical versions of my books (with your guidance) that I’ll be proud to show for years to come.

I understand I'll get instant-access to all the video walkthroughs, templates, tips and techniques right now ... and, in *one hour* I'll know how I can create beautiful, complete print versions of my books.

On that basis, I'm clicking the "Buy Now" button below to get started immediately.

Retail Price $97 - Today Only $47

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Wesley Atkins

P.S. Remember this 3-step system for converting your Kindle books into physical books is all about leveraging the Intellectual Property that you have already created. Purchasing this program is simply the instruction manual for adding up to 32% more royalties on the stuff you've already worked hard to create.

P.P.S. Also remember: You are backed my generous guarantee. When you order today you order risk free. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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