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KDSPY Pro Software

KDSPY Pro is a research companion that every author—fiction or non-fiction—should have in their toolbox. Research your competitors, track their sales, find lucrative niches, high-performing categories, profitable keywords, and compelling title ideas—all while you're browsing Amazon.

Last Software Update: 21st June 2024

KDROI v2 Software

KDROI v2 is a marketing companion that helps grow your book sales. Using the 80/20 principles of book marketing, KDROI helps improve your book through Qualitative Analysis, submitting book promotions, generating 1000+ keywords for AMS & gathering genuine reader reviews.

Last Software Update: 22nd June 2024

Free Course:

The Art of Niche Intelligence (A.O.N.I)

Supercharge your niche topic research. Use AI to gain empathy, data-driven insights, decode reader desires, enhance market understanding and eliminate competition. Knowledge is power.

Advanced AI Prompts:

AI Writing Hacks

(Fire your ghostwriter)

Where efficiency meets excellence. Delegate tasks to your "digital intern" (AI) and cut production by 47x — freeing up your time and creativity. Cut costs, not quality.

Your Author Platform:

The Art of Email for Authors (A.O.E)

Build an author email platform from scratch in 28 minutes—step-by-step. And never be at a loss for words, thanks to email templates and your AI assistant. Turn readers into raving fans.

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