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KDSPY Pro Software

KDSPY Pro is a research companion that every author—fiction or non-fiction—should have in their toolbox. Allowing you to research your competitors, track competitor sales, find lucrative niches, high-performing categories, profitable keywords, and compelling title ideas—all while you're browsing Amazon.

Last Software Update: 16th May 2023

KDROI v2 Software

KDROI v2 is a marketing companion that helps grow your book sales. Following the 80/20 principles of book marketing, KDROI assists you in improving your book through Qualitative Analysis, submitting book promotions, generating 1000+ profitable keywords for AMS & gathering genuine reader reviews.

Last Software Update: 14th April 2023

Just Added (free bonus course):

The Art of Niche Intelligence

In this BONUS course for KDSPY and KDROI users, you'll learn how to utilize ChatGPT (AI) to gain valuable insights into niche markets through advanced "data-driven" research techniques like Predictive Modeling and Qualitative Analysis, enabling you to uncover bestselling book ideas that resonate with your ideal target readers

Start 101

Blockbuster Books

How to write a non-fiction book in just 21 days that sells by the truckload and creates raving fans of you and your work.

Grow 102

Instant Author Emails

Build the ultimate marketing asset for authors: an email list platform—in just 48 hours—and get my personal email swipe files.

Expand 103

Beyond Books

Create a thriving business around your book with digital information products and high-ticket consulting programs.

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