Qualitative Niche Insights & Data-Driven Decisions

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Fiction authors: If you have zero interest in “non-fiction,” then skip this introduction and view the genre research example instead.

Like cheese to a mouse, ChatGPT has me hooked.

Day by day, I’m finding new use cases that can aid self-publishers and authors looking to gain better insights into niche markets, bestselling books, competitors, their similarities, patterns, trends, and so much more.

Which is the focus of today’s topic for KDSPY users.

I’m also perfecting qualitative research methods (using ChatGPT & KDROI alongside) to gain deep “golden insights” into the primary motivations and mindset of target readers in terms of:

  • Problems & Challenges
  • Frustrations & Fears
  • Goals & Aspirations
  • Pressing Questions
  • Major Objections
  • Needs & Wants
  • True Desires

And if you’re a KDROI user, you’ll know the importance (and basics) of when using Amazon reviews to uncover these insights.

ChatGPT takes this method — and adds “rocket fuel.”

And if you’re an active KDROI user already…

You’ll get access to that video in part 4.

All these insights — in the past — took time to research, gather and understand.

A lot of time.

Many people skip the in-depth research needed in favour of a shotgun approach to publishing. Happy to make a few hundred dollars a month from a book with another 20 “unrelated” book titles in mind to publish in the next 12 months.

Continuing (long-term) on that path is NOT sustainable.

It’s great for “testing” market potential.

Planting seeds and seeing which sprout.

But eventually, you’ll want to settle on delivering true value to a target audience in one niche. Building a thriving business as a result. Anything less than working towards that goal of serving an audience to the best of your ability — likely — will end in tears.

For me, Qualitative Analysis has been at the heart of my decision-making for well over ten years.

As a conversion optimization consultant in a prior career, I’ve seen firsthand the impact that data-driven approaches like psycho-graphic and qualitative research methods can have on the success of an online business.

Taking the profits of top-tier businesses (online and offline) from millions to tens of millions in a matter of 18-24 months.

Writing a bestselling book is no different.

99% of non-fiction books are purchased based on a single intent.

The same intent that drives the sale of any product or service.

Highlighting the true “motivating forces” behind any and all book-buying decisions in the non-fiction space.

They solve challenges; alleviate fears; overcome frustrations; they provide answers to unanswered questions.

They provide an end result.

A “transformation.”



A non-fiction book solves a PROBLEM!

You can never hope to achieve long-term success as an author and self-publisher without this understanding.

And the only way you can provide those outcomes, get reviews, recognition, ongoing sales, and build a successful business and author platform — is by focusing on going deep in one market.

Serving them with additional books, products and services.

By providing readers with an initial book that delivers on their true needs, wants, goals, aspirations, and desires (end result)…

And answering their most pressing questions, overcoming any and all challenges, fears, and frustrations (problems)…

You become their hero.

It delivers on a promise.

They follow you, subscribe to you, and want to learn more.

Every successful book in the non-fiction space has — at its core — an embedded solution in the title that seeks to “gain attention.”

Your task? Is to uncover the problem(s).

Discovering what is standing in the way of them achieving their desired outcome and the “primary motivating force(s)” that will dictate their decision to choose YOU.

Uncovering their most pressing questions, frustrations, challenges and fears related to getting what they want (problems)…

And presenting — in the most appealing way possible — a book title that presents an attractive solution “like cheese to a mouse.”

It should result in a dopamine spike to the brain.

Pique their curiosity.

And simply leave them with no choice to click, and learn more.

The first step: Niche Market Analysis.

(Today’s topic).

What insights can we gather — along with KDSPY — that will give us a better idea about what makes the bestselling books in any niche category successful?

What patterns, similarities and trends, in any given niche, can we uncover that reveal the underlying elements that make the books themselves successful?

And how do we drill further into a niche to identify a specific entry where we can compete on a more specific book topic?

To find a pocket of people (sub-niche) that shows potential?

Enter ChatGPT & advanced prompts.

Remember, we’re dealing with an AI ‘natural language model’ that can understand human-generated text better than most humans. It has an IQ of 147, and has passed some incredible high-level exams (as previously revealed in video one).


How about if we get ChatGPT to act as high-level ‘Predictive Modelling’ and ‘Qualitative Data’ specialist for niche markets?

To produce the kind of analysis that would cost $1,000’s for a competent specialist to perform based on these methodologies.

Think that would be useful?

You bet.

It’s FREE — and takes minutes.


Enter ChatGPT…

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I hope that was insightful.

In the next video, we really shift gears and highlight the most important underlying principles that’ll make your own book(s) successful (long-term).

It’s a level of non-fiction research misunderstood by most, and that is a good thing. Because you’ll be light-years ahead of competitors on Amazon when competing for reader attention.

If you’re a KDROI user already—you know the basics.

With ChatGPT alongside, you’ll become a true QA data analyst able to undercover (“often-hidden”) golden insights into your target readers. Revealing their true motivations, desires, frustrations, fears, objections, questions, values and beliefs.

It’s the ammunition you need on the Amazon battlefield today.

Anything less?

And you’ll be irrelevant (and forgotten) in no time … resorting to the publishing treadmill that most courses teach.


Don’t forget to leave a comment below if you found value in this video. I read and reply to them all.

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