Ideas Are Like Seeds

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The idea for this video (below) was inspired by two things:

  1. A consulting call l I had last year in which the client wanted to write a book and build a sustainable business alongside. Yet, was struggling to align his background with an idea that could attract a target audience and deliver massive value.

  2. An email I sent some time ago about how ‘Following Your Passion’ was a trap. And instead, developing your skills and experience to a level where you can deliver true value and transformational books to readers is the ideal path.

Ideas are like seeds.

They start off small and unassuming, but with the right nurturing, care and conditions, they can (eventually) turn into something unimaginable. Ideas require focus, experimentation, and dedication in order to take root and thrive. An idea can start as a spark or an inkling of a thought, but without the right attention and effort, it will remain just that — a tiny spark of potential.

Book topic ideas are no different.

By taking a seed of an idea and exploring it in-depth, you can uncover new angles and perspectives that can turn into bestselling book ideas that’ll form the foundation of a successful business.

We — as humans, however — have limitations on discovering enough good ones; in sorting the “wheat from the chaff.”

  • We get stuck in a rut.
  • Pulled in other directions.
  • Get overwhelmed with possibilities.
  • And let negative emotions get in the way.

We sometimes feel that we’re in a giant field with a ton of seeds and no clue which to plant or nurture.

And often — the answer was staring you in the face all along…

Based on your skills, background and experience.

The key is to:

Be unafraid of getting your hands dirty.

Let’s get ChatGPT to supply some good seeds.

It’s then down to you to sort em; plant em; look for activity; put your focus on the ones that show signs of life and are bearing some fruit — then comfort it; nurture it, and grow it into something that can feed you and your family for the rest of your life.

Let’s start with a bunch…

And separate the wheat in Part Two:

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I hope you enjoyed the video, and I look forward to showing you ChatGPT’s application alongside KDSPY and KDROI in part 3.


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