The Art of Niche Intelligence (AONI)

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I ‘m thrilled to welcome you to The Art of Niche Intelligence.

This will be a fun and “eye-opening” introduction for many people new to AI and the incredible power of ChatGPT. This amazing tool has amassed 100 million users since 30th November 2022. Faster than any tech company since the internet was born.

And If you add it to your workflow, you’ll reap powerful benefits.

Some of which we’ll explore here.

My goal with AONI is simple.

It’s to help you:

  • See the bigger picture of ChatGPT & how it applies to you.
  • With best practices, so it makes you more productive.
  • With topic selection and “niche market research.”
  • Uncover “golden insights” into your readers.

All alongside KDSPY & KDROI.

NOTE: AONI is a work in progress;
It will be “improved” over time as I construct even more advanced AI research methods. That said, I believe you’ll be surprised how the (existing) advanced prompts in this mini-course work to deliver powerful insights into “niches”, “fiction genres” & “non-fiction book topics.

One of the most time-consuming research tasks for any non-fiction author is getting a “deep understanding” of your target reader (as shown alongside the videos you get as a KDROI member). 

Their frustrations, fears, problems, questions, objections, mindset, values, beliefs, desires, needs, wants, goals and aspirations. All of which; critical aspects dictating human behaviour and thinking — influencing decision-making and shaping motivations.

You should know them for your reader if you want any chance of attracting attention and creating loyal (raving) fans.

Raving fans:

  • Leave 5-star reviews.
  • Buy everything you write.
  • Recommend you to family & friends.
  • Subscribe to your email list & author platform.
  • And are receptive to higher-priced offers you present.

So, It’s a level of analysis that’s essential for the modern author to compete in the crowded landscape on Amazon…

Building a thriving business as a result.

With AI, this becomes a breeze with the right approach and creative use of “Prompt Engineering.”

In short: AONI will show you AI’s application in research.”

  • For existing KDSPY & KDROI users.
  • Into “profitable niche & book topic ideas.” (w/ KDSPY)
  • And “qualitative research” into your reader. (w/ KDROI)

Sceptical about AI?

When ChatGPT was first released, I completely overlooked it.

I’d been using a similar AI for some time called: Jasper.

I used Jasper for content ideas, outlines, and even to help me start and/or complete sentences when I was stuck for compelling words to use in an article, a blog, a book chapter, etc…

Often left stunned by its creativity.

Due to its popularity, I was quick to share my use of it with my subscribers. With a warning on how it can destroy your own creativity if you become “dependant” upon its use.

So, tread carefully if you (like me) enjoy writing.

I mentioned that for me, writing is like meditation.

It takes me to my “happy place.”

And I will never let an AI replace my voice, tone and style in favour of churning out content en masse from a bot.

But ChatGPT was different.

After amassing one million users in five days, I wanted to check out what all the fuss was about myself. And to my surprise, ChatGPT was on a different level.

While Jasper was great for plagiarism-free content writing and produced almost un-detectable AI content…

ChatGPT was different.

Like a more “intelligent” different.

I could write prompts and queries that could replace tasks in my business. Tasks that were taking me days — even weeks — to perform. Tasks that can now be done in a matter of minutes.

And while these prompts also work in Jasper, the responses in ChatGPT (which is FREE to use, unlike Jasper) were entirely more comprehensive, insightful and actionable — which made all the difference in the world to me.

I was hooked.

And since then, I’ve used it daily to construct new and advanced prompts to take on jobs that most people (yes, I’m a control freak) would employ consultants, contractors and even employees for.

Tasks that are mindless and time-consuming.

That now—can be automated into a chat prompt that delivers what I want immediately, thanks to AI (Artificial Intelligence).

And as a self-published author — and user of KDSPY & KDROI — I wanted to share some of those advanced prompts with you.

Let’s get into it…

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