The Art of Niche Intelligence (A.O.N.I)

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I’m thrilled to welcome you to The Art of Niche Intelligence.

If you give me your full attention:

This course will an “eye-opening” experience for you as an author or business owner. If you follow the steps diligently, I’m 100% confident, you’ll emerge with a book (and business) idea…

You’ll not find anywhere else in under 90 minutes.

The level of clarity you’ll have at the end of A.O.N.I?

You’ll only get similar from a top-level marketing or literary consultant who charges in excess of $1000 / hour.

Feel free to leave a comment at the end of this course if I fail on that promise (you’ll see other people’s comments as you progress).

Welcome to the age of AI
(“Artificial Intelligence”)

Artificial Intelligence holds incredible power to deliver you unparalleled book (and business) ideas.

All based upon your readers desire for transformation.

And today, you’ll get to peek into my world as a former consultant — using empathy-led sales and marketing to grow businesses.

Yet, now, in 2023 — we have a silent partner as our ally (ChatGPT).

Fiction author?

Although there’s an advanced AI prompt within for fiction authors (skip to that here) — the focus with A.O.N.I will reshape your view on how effective “non-fiction” market research is done.

My goal with AONI is simple.

In a nutshell, it’ll help you:

  • Use AI as a brainstorming partner to expand your thinking.
  • Uncover insights into your readers challenges and fears.
  • Develop true empathy with reader desires, needs & wants.
  • Craft a “core message” that speaks to hearts and minds.
  • Demand attention by using the ‘category of one’ method.
  • Eliminate competition with my unique “M.A.P framework.”

As a result?

You’ll end this course armed with:

A compelling and truly unique book idea

with a bullet point summary on what makes it stand alone in your chosen market.

An attention-grabbing book title & hook

crafted from empathy-led research that uncovers what’ll resonate with readers.

Three intricately detailed backend offers

mimicking Dan Kennedy as your coach and consultant to engineer a business alongside.

… all centered around empathy-based reader research.

Identifying precisely what’ll attract your target reader and make them invest their time and money with you.

The obvious question:

Why would I give this course away free?

My mission is simple.

Laying my cards on the table:

I want you to ascend to a level that allows you to afford consulting and email marketing from me to engineer you a six-figure business.

Having spent a decade in a corporate role doing digital marketing, I got tired of appeasing to the demands of an employer.

In 2015, I walked away from a $70k salary…

… and built a 7-figure net revenue business instead. The idea started from the seed of a published book in 2014 … and flourished into two software products and a handful or digital courses.

But NOTHING get’s me fired up more…

Than illuminating that path for others. I want to take my customers and subscribers from Author to Authorpreneur.

From starving artist to a thriving business with:

  • Backend products and services (consulting, coaching and digital offers to further enhance reader results).
  • Email Marketing (to bond with subscribers turning them into raving fans that buy from you over and over again).

With those two things alongside a book (with at least 100+ reviews), the path to six — even seven — figures is clear.


Far more achievable than writing a new book every few months.

So, it’s in my interests to equip you with a decade of digital marketing experience. Helping you to uncover empathy-led reader insights; crafting compelling book and business ideas as a result.

Fair enough?

I hope you make it through this eye-opening journey.

I promise you; it’ll be worth your time.

Let’s open the curtain.

And get into the meat of A.O.N.I:

One of the most time-consuming research tasks for any non-fiction author is getting a “deep understanding” of your target reader

Their frustrations, fears, problems, questions, objections, mindset, values, beliefs, desires, needs, wants, goals and aspirations. All of which; critical aspects dictating human behaviour and thinking — influencing decision-making and shaping motivations.

You should know them for your reader if you want any chance of attracting attention and creating loyal (raving) fans.

Raving fans:

  • Leave 5-star reviews.
  • Buy everything you write.
  • Recommend you to family & friends.
  • Subscribe to your email list & author platform.
  • And are receptive to higher-priced offers you present.

So, It’s a level of analysis that’s essential for the modern author to compete in the crowded landscape on Amazon…

Building a thriving business as a result.

With AI, this becomes a breeze with the right approach and creative use of “Prompt Engineering.”

Sceptical about AI?

When ChatGPT was first released, I completely overlooked it.

I’d been using a similar AI for some time called: Jasper.

I used Jasper for content ideas, outlines, and even to help me start and/or complete sentences when I was stuck for compelling words to use in an article, a blog, a book chapter, etc…

Often left stunned by its creativity.

Due to its popularity, I was quick to share my use of it with my subscribers. With a warning on how it can destroy your own creativity if you become “dependant” upon its use.

So, tread carefully if you (like me) enjoy writing.

I mentioned that for me, writing is like meditation.

It takes me to my “happy place.”

And I will never let an AI replace my voice, tone and style in favour of churning out content en masse from a bot.

But ChatGPT was different.

After amassing one million users in five days, I wanted to check out what all the fuss was about myself. And to my surprise, ChatGPT was on a different level.

While Jasper was great for plagiarism-free content writing and produced almost un-detectable AI content…

ChatGPT was different.

Like a more “intelligent” different.

I could write prompts and queries that could replace tasks in my business. Tasks that were taking me days — even weeks — to perform.

Tasks that can now be done in a matter of minutes.

And while these prompts also work in Jasper, the responses in ChatGPT (which is FREE to use, unlike Jasper) were entirely more comprehensive, insightful and actionable.

Which made all the difference in the world to me.

I was hooked.

And since then, I’ve used it daily to construct new and advanced prompts to take on jobs that most people (yes, I’m a control freak) would employ consultants, contractors and even employees for.

Tasks that are mindless and time-consuming.

That now, can be automated into a chat prompt that delivers what I want immediately, thanks to AI (Artificial Intelligence).

And as a self-published author, I wanted to share some of those advanced prompts with you.

Let’s get into it…

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