It’s Tuesday, and I’m writing this from another perfect 85 degree sunny day.

The weather here in London the past few days has been spankingly awesome.

Time to dust off my old golf clubs I think.

Anyhow …

I wanted to let you know about something I reviewed last week.

Something I believe can help you make more income from your book(s).

It’s not often I’m impressed with things I review.

Hence, why I’m not in your inbox on a daily basis shouting about new offers.

Just do yourself a favour and un-subscribe from people that are constantly hounding your inbox like that.

The mental space it alleviates is worth it – I guarantee it.


Anyhow – got sidetracked.

I spent the last 2 weeks reviewing a new training by two awesome guys – twins in-fact – and they’ve impressed me no end.

They’ve not long been in the publishing scene.

But, boy, have they made an impact (results).

Not just for themselves, but for their students, too.

Take Pierluigi Muto – one of their students:

Who hated his 9-5 job and was looking to start making money online.

He started working with the Twins, and soon after, found massive success with Publishing – as his very first online business.

With no prior skills or experience whatsoever…

He pulled in $16,800 in royalties in just April 2019.

But get this … $11,865.69 of that came from AUDIBLE.

Yep, 70% of his income in a single month came from audiobooks.

The truth is, the way most people consume content is changing.

Consumption today is a big problem for published authors.

But an audiobook?


Plug in your headphones – and press play.

Doesn’t matter whether you’re relaxing in the sun with your eyes closed.

Commuting to work.

Walking the dog.

Heck, I listen to audiobooks when I’m washing the dishes.

If you’re behind the curve and need a *NUDGE* –– then LEVERAGE your existing book(s) into audio format.

If you’re not, you’re letting money slip through your fingers.

The competition is low right now, but it won’t always be that way.

What’s great about the twins, though, is they don’t just show students how to create audiobooks …

They’ve had massive success with Kindle & Paperback books, too.

And they’ve documented the A-Z process, that beginners and pro’s alike, have used to get massive, undeniable, success with publishing.

(PROOF at the link below).

If you want to know more, they’ve put on a free training event that you can attend.

I think you’ll be impressed with the results of their students.

Even with people that English is not their first language.

One not to be missed.

Attend when it suits you – schedule a time here:

Talk soon,
Wesley Atkins