4-Day Kindle Book Launch Email Sequence (Email Templates)

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Note: The 4-part email series below are just four templates — from the hundreds available — in my Instant Author Emails package. If you have a mailing list you’ve collected from your book(s) and feel you’re not fully using it for driving more sales and growing your publishing business, you may find them quite useful.

If you are launching a Kindle book and you have a mailing list, I want to give you four emails you can send to your subscribers to drive more book sales during a $0.99c book launch or Kindle countdown period.

Feel free to copy them (don’t forget to update them with your book details and your name) and send them to your list…

Better yet — you can add them to your Google Drive here.

This is the same sequence that Marc Reklau — Author of the #1 bestselling and award-winning book “30 Days: Change your habits, change your life,” sent to his subscribers.

Here’s what he said, just two days into the launch:

“…Never read a better email…”

“I bought your author emails a couple of weeks ago. I’m on the second day of the 99c launcher. Adapted the mails and translated into German and Spanish. The result: #11 in Time Management in the US, #1 in time Management in Canada and #1 in Business Life in the UK. Ok, I have a list of 4000 people but your mails were crucial for the success. One guy handles the email marketing of a big multi-national. He said he never read a better email than the day 2 mail.

“You are busy, I am busy” etc. Thank you so much.”

Mark Reklau

Table of Contents

Email One: (Day Before Launch)

SUBJECT: A quick heads up

Ok, here’s the rub:

For the past 3 months, I’ve been in the trenches writing my latest book.I believe it can help anyone with [HOW IT HELPS PEOPLE].

Well, I put the finishing touches on it the other day.

And tomorrow it launches to the public.

But, I wanted to offer YOU a special discount.

So, look out for my email tomorrow with all the details.

This is my finest work to date, so don’t miss this.

It will be a limited time discount for under $1.

Yep, crazy, right?

Until tomorrow.

Talk soon,


Email Two: (Launch Day)

SUBJECT: Call me crazy, but...

Yes, maybe I’ve lost my mind.

Whatever the case, it’s happening.

And it’s happening TODAY.

Today, I’m offering my latest book called:


For JUST 0.99c on Amazon Kindle.

You can grab it right now, here:


Be warned though, this crazy 0.99c offer ENDS in 3 days.

After that, I’m raising the price and will likely NEVER repeat such craziness.

So, if you want to learn [DETAIL WHAT YOUR BOOK WILL TEACH THEM...]

Then jump over to trusty ol’ Amazon and download yourself a copy.

I think (in fact, I know) you’re going like it.

BTW, if you do pick up a copy - I’d love for you to leave a review on Amazon.

I read all my reviews and love getting feedback on my work.

Anyway, I’ll stop harping on.

You’re busy.

I’m busy.

So, that’s a wrap.

New book.


3 days only.

Crazy, yes.

Available to download here:


Talk soon,


Email Three: (Post Launch Day)

SUBJECT: Did you see this?

Yesterday, I sent you an email about my latest book.

Did you see it?

It’s JUST 0.99c for the next 3 days ONLY.

Yes, maybe I’ve lost my mind.

Whatever the case, it’s happening.

But the madness ENDS tomorrow.

Anyway, it’s called:



You can grab it right now, here:


Hope you enjoy it.

Talk soon,


p.s. BTW, if you do pick up a copy - I’d love for you to leave a review on Amazon. Thanks in advance.

Email Four: (Final Launch Day)

SUBJECT: This ENDS today

Today I’m increasing the price on my latest book here:


Before I do, I thought I’d send you one final warning.


The 0.99c offer ENDS in just a few hours...

So you need to act fast or you will miss out.

Don’t kick yourself later.

You can download and start reading with Kindle right now.

*This email is for the procrastinators*

Those that ALWAYS wait until the very last minute.

(Then, email me the next day saying, "I didn't see your emails about this).

Now is your LAST chance.

You have just hours left to lock in this crazy price.

This is my LAST email about this.

Details here:


Talk soon,


I think you’ll find some very positive results from those. If you like them, don’t forget to add them to your Google drive here.

Alternatively, you can, of course, just copy and paste them from this page directly into you list management program.

You have my full permission to do so.