Fix Your “Digital Clutter” in 4 Simple Steps

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I see you. And what’s this…

You’ve got tabs upon tabs open on your computer, a cluttered email inbox, and a to-do list as long as a red carpet at the Oscars.

It’s like your digital life is my son’s bedroom.

And you can’t find the darn remote.

Am I right?

Enter Tiago Forte.

Over the years running my business, I’ve had many questions about how I find the time to:

Write a mind-bending daily email
Update and oversee x2 software apps
Run a business with 65,000 customers
Manage a responsive support desk alone
Produce eye-opening & insightful courses
Offer book repurposing & emails as a service

And still have time to consult entrepreneurs like you…

As a one-person business, father, and husband.

How do I do it?

Well, the software apps are managed by an ad-hoc contractor on Upwork. He’s the lifeline for KDSPY & KDROI.

The rest? It’s all me (I wouldn’t have it any other way).

And that’s all down to a careful balance of productive systems I’ve installed since my health transformation (more about that here and here)…

And the return of that “relentless pursuit” attitude I always had.

Need a helping hand with digital clutter?

Look no further than a simple $18 book on Amazon.

Enter Tiago Forte’s…

The PARA Method:
Simplify, Organize and Master Your Digital Life

P.A.R.A stands for Projects, Areas, Resources, and Archives.

It’s an organizational system (think: folders).

But calling it that is like calling the Mona Lisa a doodle. This full-fledged philosophy aims to streamline your work, clear your mind, and make you more productive than a squirrel hoarding acorns for winter.

A game-changer, I promise.

So what’s the fuss about?

Each category serves a unique purpose.

In a nutshell:

Projects are for your immediate to-do’s & tasks
Areas are for your long-term responsibilities
Resources are the tools you need
Archives for completed tasks

The game-changing insight for me was to organise “every area of my digital life” with P.A.R.A. — not just my computer file system.

Think: email inbox, browser, writing app, dropbox, everything.

It all syncs perfectly with how your brain works, too, tapping into its inherent need for order and structure.

Without ever needing to use TAGS again (thank you, lord).

(Ever tried using a tagging system long-term? holy smokes!)

It’s the brain food you didn’t know you needed.

Here’s the 60-second overview of the system.

First off, Projects:

With P.A.R.A, your ongoing endeavours are right where you need them.

No more forgetting about deadlines or stressing over incomplete tasks. Think of it like having your personal project manager ready to serve your productivity on a silver platter.

Everything is just a click away.

Now, Areas:

They’re your life pillars.

Your Areas are your long-term commitments, the non-negotiables in life.

They remind you of your roles, whether you’re a parent, a spouse, or a community leader. It’s like having your own compass, always pointing you to your North Star.

Grounding, isn’t it?

Resources, the toolkit:

This is the place where all the info you need is stored.

Articles, courses, templates, research papers — you name it. It’s like having a library where the books are arranged not by the Dewey Decimal System, but by how urgently you need them.

Resourceful, literally.

Finally, Archives. The treasure chest:

Ever wanted to look back at a project and see how far you’ve come?

Archives are where your accomplishments go to shine. It’s your Hall of Fame, your walk down memory lane, except everything’s just a keyword search away.

Nostalgia meets efficiency.

Don’t let its simplicity fool you, though.

There’s a lot more to learn apart from my ramblings.

But, trust me — it works.

If you’re tired of letting your digital chaos steal your time, sap your energy, and clutter your “mental space,” the P.A.R.A system might just be the lifeboat you need in the sea of information.

It’s one I’ve been riding for a few weeks now.

And it brought me back to life.

Sinking in digital chaos >> swimming towards productivity.

Grab your float, too:

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