Finding Your Niche – Beware of the “Passion Callers”

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January 18th, 2022:

I was reading through our survey data this morning from KDSPY customers. And I wanted to jot down a quick email about something I see a lot of people struggling with.

You see, there’s a “huge trap” that you might fall into when you’re first starting out and want to publish your first non-fiction book.

And I wanted to address it to ensure you’re not one of them.

If you’ve already found a niche you love, and you’re making great sales, this is not for you.

So, back to the survey data.

It revealed (no surprises) that the biggest struggle is:

Finding your niche.

I can understand why.

It was the same for me, at first.

My best advice?

Beware, ignore and completely discard the “passion” callers.

One of the worst pieces of advice in the mainstream that entrepreneurs (like you) will run into, is:

“Follow your passion.”

This advice, has caused more failed businesses, anxiety, stress, and confusion than anything else.


Because, we, as a society have never had the time on our hands to discover our passion. We’re so busy carving out a living, chasing paper money to put food on the table and maintain a certain standard of living, that finding our passion has never been the top priority.

Survival, has. So…

90% of us never truly discover our “passion.

Sure, we have interests and things that we like.

But making a concrete decision on what we’re passionate about, which business to enter, or what book to write based solely upon “passion” is simply impossible for most people.

And that just leads to an endless search in discovery of “self”…

Ultimately, creating confusion, procrastination and failed dreams.

The key distinction?


That’s the replacement for passion.

Skills trump passion.

In the excellent book by Cal Newport:

“So Good They Can’t Ignore You Why Skills Trump Passion In The Quest For Work You Love.”

He makes the case that happiness is derived from seeking a career where your skills are the backbone of your decision. Not passion.

It’s a great read, and will completely reframe how to look at what markets to enter as an author or business owner.

It’s not a short read (over 250 pages)…

But it’s such a well researched and written book, I cannot recommend it enough.

What can you learn from this?

Well, you’ll want to pick your niche topic based on where you can add “value” to the end reader. What skills do you have that others can learn and benefit from?

• What solution…
• End result…
• Outcome…
• Or Transformation…

Will you help readers achieve by reading your book?

Will they learn a new language … be able to communicate more effectively with the opposite sex … be competent in basic DIY … prevent their new puppy from chewing their house to pieces…

Whatever it is — think in terms of the outcome you’re providing.

And even if you don’t have the skills right now to provide that outcome … what interest(s) do you have that would lead you to seeking the “knowledge” to provide that outcome?

If you’re reading this email…

Right now, in your home…

You have everything you need at your fingertips…

To learn any skill.

One you can relay onto others to create a job replacing income.

Forget the 10,000 hours rule.

You can learn a skill better than 95% of people in a few weeks.

All it takes is a DECISION.

Followed by focus, determination, and action.

Forget passion.

The key to happiness — which deep, deep down is all everyone wants — is to choose work where you can demonstrate your talents and skills.

Let me leave you with this:

A big mindset problem that entrepreneurs have today is thinking in terms of “how to get money.”

If you take away anything from this email today, let it be this:

Flip that mindset from the self-centered approach — think instead, of where you can add authentic value to others.

Only then, will you start to experience “monumental shifts” in your happiness, success and income.

Cal Newport summarises this on Page 39, with what he calls…

“The Craftsman Mindset”, which you can read here:

Page 39 from "The Craftsman Mindset" by Cal Newport.

So, get really damn good at something…

Then share your talent and skills with the world.

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