A little backstory:

So I sent out an email last week about a new publishing course I’ve been through.

From a couple guys (twins) that are creating wild student successes.

Using the publisher model for non-fiction books.

Now, if you’re new to publishing, and struggling to get the results you want.

You’ll want to pay attention.

This likely will not interest you if you’re already making ‘six-figures’.

Or, solely a fiction writer.

You can safely discard this email in that case.

However, last week, I got a couple emails back from my audience about the twins, after I introduced you to their free training.

One where they show – in detail – their process, reveal their results, and those of their students.

In fact, those couple emails were accusations about them.

The emails all went along the same lines of “you can’t trust these boys”,”why are you telling us about them”,”they are scammers”, etc.

Oh boy!

Here we go again.

Here’s the thing.

The twins, Rasmus and Christian Mikkelsen – two incredibly down to earth, giving, and genuine lads that want to help people, have come under attack by a few jealous, moronic individuals in the past.

It happens to the best of us.

It’s part and parcel of doing business online.

Especially when you put yourself out there as these guys have on their YouTube channel.

Especially when you offer programs and training with a price tag of $997.

Suddenly when you command high prices, in line with your true worth, you instantly become all about the money and a scammer.

The course I’m referring to is called:

Audiobook Income Academy 2.0.

It’s an end to end training for people looking to follow the publisher model of launching “high-quality” books, adding your own voice, touch and insights, then using KDP, ACX, Ingram Spark, and others.

The course took them six months straight to put together working 6-hour days.

I’ll save you the math – that’s 1095 hours.

And It shows – because it’s one of the best A-Z courses I’ve been through.


What’s your hourly rate?

I charge $300 an hour for consulting.

That’s what I value my time at – in the service of others – opposed to working on my own books & offers.

That works out at $328,500.

And they’re twins – so there’s two of them 🙂

That’s ‘up-front’ lost revenue if I were to spend the same amount of time creating a course of this calibre.

With no guarantees that I’ll recoup that time (money) investment.

Now, many business owners at their level, myself included, come under attack all the time.

I’ve had many people complain about me and my software online because Amazon changed something, and their software didn’t work for 24 hours, and suddenly I’m a scam.

It happens all the time.

I spoke to the twins about this, and they quite eloquently said:

“We don’t let it affect us, and just keep doing what we do, and getting results for ourselves and our students.”

Have they made mistakes?


But they’ve admitted to them, put them right, and LEARNT from them.

I’m twice their age and I still make mistakes.

We learn. We change. We adapt.

Now, I don’t need to defend them at all.

That’s not the point of this email.

The point of this email is to help YOU.

Like they’ve done for countless students in their community build a job-replacing income.

When I find something that can help, I’m relentless about making you aware of it.

I make no apologies about that.

And to prove that’s the case.

I set out to do something I’ve never done before.

1. I put a post in their Facebook group to ask their MEMBERS (not me … THEM!) what they think about the twins and AIA 2.0 (and the accusations).

* Read their comments below.

2. To show, this is “not all about the money” – I’m DONATING 100% of proceeds (commissions) I receive as a result of bringing them and AIA 2.0 to your attention.

In full disclosure, 3 people invested last week.

Here’s the commission I received from those:

Here’s a link to me giving it all away to a worthy cause I believe in (video 01:24):


I don’t want to drag you kicking and screaming to change your own financial life.

But I’ll *nudge* you relentlessly when something crosses my path that will.

Here’s your 2nd (and final) poke in the ribs:


Talk soon,
Wesley Atkins


Almost forgot.

I spoke to the twins, and they agreed to match my donations going forward 🙂


Here the comments I received from fellow members of their community:

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