They failed to understand their customers emotional DESIRES!

We’ll come back to that a minute (it’s important). 

But first… 

It’s no coincidence that the Kindle marketplace is becoming SATURATED.

Like many online business models before it, Kindle is quickly becoming labelled as the next "magic-bullet", "get-rich-quick" system…

... and that, sadly, has attracted a lot of wannabe publishers, that are doing nothing more than peddling garbage. 

Mistakenly – back in 2005 – I subscribed to the same scarcity mindset. 

(Can’t believe that was 15 freaking years ago). 

I got onto the whole Google Adsense 'gravy train' of making $1 per day, per website, by placing small little adverts on my sites. 

Several hundred websites later ...

The result?

$500 dollar days were commonplace. 

It was all pretty automated, too. 

Find a main topic (keyword), plug it into a software to create 1000 long-tail variations of this keyword and, click another button to create 1000+ pages for each keyword with randomly generated content. 

That was it. 


Index in Google … and collect $1+ per day from each site from advertising revenue. (some made as much as $20 per day from a couple hours work). 

It was working, so why stop, right? 

Well, it lasted all of 8 months. Bought a shiny new convertible BMW. Life was good. 

Then ... BOOM!

The Great Google Adsense Crash of 2006

My income was gone. 

Many people became unstuck. Had to sell their house. Get a job. 

On the job side of things, I was one of ‘em. 

Ironically, I got a job in SEO, while I licked my wounds and figured out what went so horribly wrong. 

I spent the next few years working in the city of London on websites like:,, ... 

… to increase their natural search traffic. 

Using “natural”, ethical strategies, I might add. 

I enjoyed it, but the entrepreneur in me wanted back in the “game”. 

In all honesty, I’m glad my websites came crumbling down, because …

I was adding ZERO value to people’s LIVES!

It forced me to become “smarter”.

By adding VALUE to real people – with real DESIRES.

This same problem, though, is “infecting” the Kindle store today.

There are too many Kindle gurus teaching how to try and game the Amazon algorithm by identifying 'low competition' keywords.

Then, outsourcing a book to a ghostwriter who – in most cases – has ZERO skills or knowledge in the topic.

Are people making money this way?


But again, it follows the mindset of:

“If I can make $100+ per book, per month, and I want to make “X”, then I need to write "X" books”.

It’s the whole “self-serving” approach, I spoke about before.

Such approaches never last for the long term.

What I want to show you, is how to write QUALITY books.

Books your target audience truly WANTS.

Books that generate "consistent" sales over time.

You're looking to "appeal" to your target audience – and their desires – NOT the Amazon keyword algorithm.

And that appeal (interest) is created with – what I like to call – the "Influence Mechanics" of your book.

Your Title.



Your cover.

But, you cannot begin even think about these mechanics until you VALIDATE demand – and "pinpoint" your ideal target customer.

Let's start by talking about...

How to rise above the NOISE – and get your book NOTICED!

Yes, the Kindle sea’s are cloudy.

But, understanding your target customer – and their desires – is where you start to clear the "muddy waters" and rise to the top of your category. 

So, let's talk about exactly what a DESIRE is ...

A desire is something we "want", badly. (or in this example, your customer wants).

It's not what they "need", but what they DESIRE. (want).

People need food to survive, but a segment of the market crave (want) a burger, dripping in cheese with a side of fries and coke.

People need to lose weight, but a segment of that market *want* a Paleo recipe book – that delivers simple Paleo meals they can make in 15 minutes or less for their family of 4.

Getting to the CORE emotional WANTS of your audience is what separates the “successful” books from those that (long term) fail.

It's also what'll allow your book to "rise-above" the sea of – %ahem% – excuse me – CR@P!

Let that sink in for a moment.

It’s how I achieved 329 sales of a single Kindle book in 24 hours.

Making an $87 profit on its FIRST day in the Kindle store. (a ghostwritten draft, cover and formatting expenses came out to $410).

Every lead to my business, and every sale that book makes from that day forward is all PROFIT.

How many businesses can you start that make a profit in their first 24 hours and from then on ... continue to profit every day?

Think about that for a second.

That's what makes Kindle Publishing such an excellent opportunity.

If – and only, IF – you use the correct STRATEGIC approach.

Put garbage on the Kindle store, and follow every lame "tactic" to produce "volume" while sacrificing "quality" – in the long-term – you'll lose.

Ok, let's break this down:

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