How To Identify DEMAND & Find Profitable Kindle Niches

Choose the wrong niche – and you're HOSED!

No doubt.

If you jump ahead – without due diligence – and launch a book about that special skill you have of "growing orchids in your living room" – without identifying, FIRST, that it'll generate any sales ...

... then, you're just wasting your time and money.

You have to first VALIDATE your ideas. Your passion. Your knowledge. Your expertise. Your interest. 

Whatever it may be.

I know, I know, I can hear you now...

RESEARCH? ... I ain't got time for that.

Well, if you build your house on "weak foundations" – it'll collapse.

The same applies to your business.

It's the reason I created KDSPY ... to make the process FUN!

And don't even think about entering random markets that you have ZERO interest in.

That's a recipe for disaster. 

Believe me. 

You must – repeat must – have some kind of interest in a niche before you ever think about creating a book on the topic OR outsource to an expert who can ghostwrite the "initial" draft for you.

Just saying.

So how do we VALIDATE markets?

Glad you asked.

You START by looking at what's already PROVEN to sell

It's the "initial" step in the niche validation process.

Business 101 in the whole "supply and demand" methodology.

Why create (supply) a book if there's no "sustainable" demand?

To some, it may seem obvious.

The majority of authors, however, simply overlook it – or incorrectly VALIDATE niches – and it costs them "consistency" in their sales.

But, it doesn’t stop there.

To create a bestselling book – and know how successful it will be, in advance – without first writing a SINGLE word...

There are 5 steps to the process.

1. Demand

2. Attention




Each component builds on the next. 

Without one, the others are USELESS.

On this page, I alluded to a "fraction" of the first 2 steps.

Many Kindle gurus will continue to peddle their “tactics”, that’ll work for a short time. 

If you’re interested, I want to give you an unfair advantage...

... and pull back the curtain on how a small group of authors are quietly dominating their niche markets using a "strategic" approach. One that builds a long-lasting business using their book(s) as the perfect gateway to generate immediate profits – while selling additional offers for x10, x20 even x100 the price of their book alone.

In a nutshell: 

Build a six-figure business online – fuelled by the 800lb gorilla (Amazon).

Join us. 

If you so desire.

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