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Instant Author Emails (Volume 1)

TL;DR: (Summary)

  • Instant Author Emails (IAE) is a collection of over 125 templates –– for the time constrained author –– that you can copy, paste, edit and send. Along with cheatsheets to help you effectively craft your own emails, too (if you choose).
  • Instant Author Emails (IAE) is for ‘non-fiction’ self-published authors that want to effectively utilize “email” as a marketing vehicle (author platform) to increase sales of their books.
  • IAE is NOT an autoresponder service. We use Convertkit.
  • It’s for those that struggle to compose emails to their list, get stumped on what to say –– but want a simple, friction free way to keep in contact with subscribers to maintain a relationship.

If that interests you, read on…

Back in 2018 –– after reading an industry report about the struggles of self-published authors –– I released a bunch of email templates for subscribers to help them grow their business and sell more books.

Having grown (and leveraged) email lists for over 19 years, I felt these would be very useful to help authors get over the hurdle

Which is –– effectively managing an email list of subscribers.

Part of the program I released, contained a set of four emails you can send to your subscribers if you’re launching a new Kindle book … at a discount, or with a Kindle countdown deal.

Marc Reklau, –– Author of the #1 bestselling, and award-winning book “30 Days – Change your habits, change your life” –– sent this same sequence to his subscribers…

Here’s what he said – just two days into the launch:

“I bought your author emails a couple of weeks ago. I’m on the second day of the 99c launcher. Adapted the mails and translated into German and Spanish.

The result: #11 in Time Management in the US, #1 in time Management in Canada and #1 in Business Life in the UK.

Ok, I have a list of 4000 people but your mails were crucial for the success. One guy handles the email marketing of a big multi-national. He said he never read a better email than the day 2 mail. “You are busy, I am busy” etc. Thank you so much.” –– Mark Reklau

Since creating our blog, we’re NOW giving away that same set of four emails for FREE, so you can see the results yourself first hand.

You can get those here.

Why Email is the perfect author platform

One of the most common questions (apart from Keywords) I get from my 20,043 members of Publishing Altitude is:

"How can I generate consistent sales of my books?

Understandable really. 

Do any search in Google and you’ll be bombarded with articles on 1001 ways to market your books.

Great search engine fodder, I’m sure…

But, not useful for you in the slighest.

If you have a team of 10 people working for you, perhaps.

Not as a “time constrained” author.

The good news is … you don’t need to split your focus on ten (or 1001) different ways to market your books.

You only need –– TWO.

Email and AMS ads (Amazon’s PPC network).

AMS is a talk for another time, but it’s oh so powerful for driving “buyers” –– at a profit –– to your book page (if you diligently monitor the ROI).

On this page, we’re going to focus on EMAIL.

According to Agency Analytics –– Email produces a 335% more effective ROI than social media.

And It’s clear why.

With email, there are no distractions. An email that’s sent from you to your subscribers allows no other commentary (unlike Facebook). It’s just a message that your subscriber chooses to consume, or not. If you do a good job of creating a bond with your subscribers, they’ll consume every word you say…

That’s the aim with EMAIL MARKETING.

Unlike Facebook (or other social media) you have control.

In marketing, the best thing you can ask for is control over your platform. Having a list of 10,000 email subscribers that you can contact at the push of a button, is infinitely more valuable than a Facebook group of equal size.

With social you have *no* control of your account…

Over the rules of the platform…

Or the other distractions your audience sees.

Email gives you that control.

Nobody ever dreamed that MySpace (circa. 2003) would disappear. Facebook, or any social media platform for that matter, is no different.

If Facebook get’s sued or removed from the internet…

You lost your platform.

With email –– the subscribers are your’s.

Sidenote: I remember an ebook by Ken McCarty –– arguably one of the pioneers of Internet Marketing as we know it today –– where he mentions, that *he downloads a .csv backup of his email list*, and stores it in a bank vault. Weekly.

It’s a marketing channel (author platform) that continues to build … and one that can never be taken away.

And – if you utilize it correctly – it’s also the most powerful for driving sales at a higher ROI than any other channel online.

329 Paid Sales in 24 Hours With Two Emails

The screenshot you see above, are the results –– within 24 hours –– of a book launch I did to a small email list of around 3100 people.
No other launch strategy was used, at all.

Just a couple emails.

It was actually the second ever book I published on Kindle back in 2014.

Following the success of my first book –– I’d built up a list of subscribers (from Clickbank and Amazon) –– which came in very handy to launch the next one.

The results speak for themselves.

24 hours –– 329 paid units at $1.49.

That was enough to hit #1 bestseller in the “Special Diet” category in the US and UK.

That’s the power email gives you.

Combine both email with Amazon AMS ads, and you have the ultimate workhorse that exponentially grows your sales, your author platform and your business.

However, you need to START with email.

An email platform is the #1 asset you can build for your business.

And I want to give you the keys that make it work.

With my proven cheatsheets and templates that you can deploy today…

What’s included in IAE:

Template Pack (Copy, paste, edit & send)

  • The "Kindle Book Launch" Email Swipe File

Here, you get the exact email swipe copy for your own book promotion that generated 329 paid sales in 24 hours –– allowing you to build anticipation and sales of your Kindle book launch. (4-day campaign).

  • The "Review Generator" Email Swipe File

Get my exact email swipes you can use to specifically generate reviews for your –– new or existing –– book or Kindle book. (4-day campaign).

  • The "Freebie Converter" Email Swipe File

The exact ‘fill-in-the-blanks’ emails I use to take a reader from a FREE offer in your book, to a PAID sale of a digital program. (5-day campaign).

  • 50 'Fill in The Blanks' Email Templates

Here’s 50 “fill-in-the-blanks” email templates for just about any occasion.

Here’s a quick sample:

  • Need to survey (or poll) your subscribers to find out what they want? See page 17 (email 31). 
  • Want to offer a “limited time” launch bonus as an incentive to pick up your book/product? See page 18 (email 32). 
  • Running a discount promotion on your book, product, or service? See page 24 (email 45). 
  • Run a quick affiliate promotion and bank some easy commissions on someone else product, see page 26 (email 49). 
  • Want to generate more likes for your Facebook page? See page 6 (email 9). 
  • Build a strong relationship with your list by offering a FREE guide, report or video, see page 17 (email 30).

Get the idea?

  • 75 'Swipe & Deploy' Promotional Starters

You know why some emails almost never get read?

Because reading them is as boring as watching grass grow.

If you want to create “riveting emails”, then you need to do something different –– tell a story, share a quote, create an analogy, etc.

And that’s exactly what these 75 emails starters do. 

This set includes –– quotes, weird facts, sports trivia, info about authors and famous people, and much more.

Just copy and paste a starter into the beginning of your email, write the rest of your email and send it off to your list – you’ll be startled at how well these starters draw your readers into your email like metal shavings to a magnet.


Relationship Cheatsheets (craft your own emails)

  • The "Welcome" Relationship Cheatsheet (PDF)

Here’s a secret to building a responsive list:

Work on your relationship with your subscribers from the moment they join your list.

You see –– a lot of marketers are too focused on what they can get out of the relationship. And so, they think about what kinds of promotions they can send to their list to squeeze money out of their subscribers.

But you know what? Your subscribers do NOT care about your financial situation. They do NOT care if they’re in your sales funnel. All they want to do is solve their problems. Period.

With the Welcome cheatsheet…

You’ll set the correct foundation from the START.

  • The "What I Use" Relationship Cheatsheet (PDF)

Do you know why people enjoy your reading your emails? 

Because they think you’re a reliable, trustworthy source of information.

When you recommend something –– you save them time because they don’t have to find the best products or resources through trial or error.

Here’s something else:

Some of your readers even consider you a role model, so these readers want to follow in your footsteps to enjoy your success.

And that’s why a “What I Use” mailing works so well. It’s just what it sounds like: You compile the top niche-relevant resources (both free and paid) that you use regularly to get great results.

  • The "Contributer" Relationship Cheatsheet (PDF)

Have you ever noticed that newsletter marketing can become a bit of a monologue?

You create and send articles, lessons and other newsletter content and then go about your day.

Next week, same thing.

And while you may be enjoying sales from your efforts, these sorts of monologues don’t truly engage your audience.

Well, here’s how to change all that by making your subscribers feel important and part of your team with the contributor mailing.

  • The "Greatest Hits" Relationship Cheatsheet (PDF)

Do you ever watch those late-night infomercials?

Then you’ve no doubt seen the compilation albums, such as “Greatest Hits of the 80s” or the greatest love songs ever.

Companies like “Time Life” have been putting together these greatest hits albums for years, and there’s no doubt they’ll continue to put out similar products for years to come.

Here’s why: People love them.

The good news is that people don’t just love “greatest hits” compilations when it comes to music – they love it when it comes to information and solutions, too. 

And that’s because compilations of useful information save people time and money since they don’t have to search for the information themselves.

  • The "Current Events" Relationship Cheatsheet (PDF)

One of the difficulties in communicating with your prospects via email is the high “noise” level.

Consider this: 

Your prospects’ inboxes are full…

Becuase their constantly being exposed to ads and information.

Which means –– your emails need to break through the noise barrier. Ie: They need to get attention so that your prospects click on them.

And one way to do that is by entering the conversation that’s already going on in your prospect’s head. 

We do that with news-centered (current events) mailings.

That’s a whole lot of emails and stuff.

More than enough templates, cheatsheets, ideas and inspiration to help you scale your book sales –– while growing and maintaining a relationship with your valuable subscribers.

Your purchase – as always – is protected, too.

Double Your Money-Back Guarantee

The results of other self-published authors that have used my templates and cheatsheets speak for themselves.

However, I want to make this an easy decision on your part.

So –– If you use the emails in Instant Author Emails on your subscriber list, and you DON’T generate more book sales in the next 60 days than you did in the past 60 days … I don’t deserve your money.

Just send me proof of your email promotion(s) along with the book sales reports for the total 120-day period –– by putting in a support request, and I’ll send you back double what you paid today.

Yes, I said double. 

In addition, you’re also covered by our 60-day ‘no-quibble’ money-back guarantee, so you get every penny back if you’re not satisfied for any reason (or no reason at all) with Instant Author Emails.

As you see –– the risk is entirely on my shoulders.

Leaving you ‘nothing to lose’, apart from the additional book sales, reviews, and revenue you’ll generate with my proven email package.

Who These Will Benefit

  • Non-fiction authors that are currently building an email list from their books or other online assets.
  • Those who struggle with composing emails for their subscribers, due to limited time or knowledge of email marketing.
  • Authors that are not fully utilizing their email list, but understand the value in doing so to maintain and build relationships.

I’m excited to get these templates and cheatsheets into your hands and see your success story in my inbox, too.

(Note: We will absolutely be raising the price once we get additional templates in place for fiction authors (sorry, none at the moment). And no, this is not some fake urgency tactic to get you to buy now. That’s not how I roll.

If you think these can benefit your publishing business, order here.

Checkout Securely ($49) >>


Below are some questions we’ve received since this program has been live.

QUESTION: I don’t currently have an email list –– will this benefit me?

ANSWER: Not unless you plan on building an email subscriber list for your business in the future. Instant Author Emails is a collection of templates and cheatsheets for those serious about growing their book sales with an author platform (based upon email). If you have no email subscribers to communicate with, then they’ll just gather digital dust.

QUESTION: I’m a fiction author, are these useful for fiction?

ANSWER: At the moment, sadly, no. We do plan on having available templates for fiction authors, but we don’t have any right now. The huge collection on offer at the moment are more suited to non-fiction authors.