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Several years ago, I wrote a report that detailed 5 simple hacks to writing high-quality content quicker and easier for bloggers, non-fiction authors, and creatives.

2168 people have since purchased that report.

With advancements in AI, however — it’s now obsolete.

After being flooded with incredible comments from customers on my free AI course ‘The Art of Niche Intelligence’ (A.O.N.I), I wanted to take things a step further. Giving you a unique view into my use of AI with advanced prompts to improve productivity.

Since ChatGPT’s release, I’ve written 60+ prompts.

Some up to 600 words in length (example).

With some taking several hours (even days) to perfect

… giving “precise instructions” to complete writing tasks with unparalleled precision and quality.

And I want to share them with you.

Setting expectations:

Broadly speaking, my goal for AI Writing Hacks is to:

  1. Save you time: creating engaging content 47x quicker.
  2. Save you money: removing your reliance on freelancers.
  3. Increase productivity: getting AI to complete tasks for you.

That said, I will not cover an “end-to-end process” on how to write a first draft of your book.

In time, that’ll come. In time. Promise.

That, however, requires a lot more testing, refinement, and finesse.

>> This course, unlike A.O.N.I — will not be free, either.

They’ve taken a considerable amount of my time to construct, and in the right hands, incredibly valuable.

For that reason, there has to be a barrier to entry.

My goal with AI Writing Hacks:

Is to get advanced prompts into your hands now — “removing barriers” from you progressing towards your next milestone.

Book titles … hooks … bullet points … descriptions … outlines … voice & tone modelling … brainstorming … research … articles … blogs … short-form social content … formatting … editing … even taking into account APA references …

You name it — AI excels in these areas.

My Obsidian PKM (switched to Notion on October 1st) system is overflowing with new prompts I’m creating. Allowing me to manage a 7-figure business with 65,048+ customers single-handed (apart from an ad-hoc programmer).

Think they would benefit you?

If so, and you know my story:

“Initially, KDSPY was created to help streamline the research for my own “non-fiction books” and expand my self-publishing business.

When I realised just how powerful it was—I decided to let others benefit and sold it for a one-time fee of $47 (now $69).

8 years later, having reinvested $10’000’s into its development…

KDSPY now has over 65,048+ paid users.

Excerpt from: Publishing Altitude about page.

In the same vein, I now want you — my customers — to benefit from these advanced prompts, too.

Writing compelling content
has never been easier.

AI algorithms like ChatGPT can now understand human language, analyze data, and write compelling pieces in seconds.

But, feed it garbage instructions (like most courses teach)…

And you’ll get garbage responses.

A.O.N.I is proof that AI can produce mind-blowing results with carefully constructed prompts (instructions) for the AI to follow.

And you get to decide which of the writing prompts I make available in this course.

Sure, I could dump them all on you and price it at $297.

That would likely lead to overwhelm and in-action.

It would also require a ton of work on my part to write course pages (plus “videos”) to explain the nuances of each.

Many of which, may be unnecessary for you.

And it would also price out too many of my customers who are struggling in this economy right now.

That’s the last thing I want for you.

So, tell me:

What would you like to automate in your creative endeavour’s, or publishing business right now to save time and money?

Have your say, or forever hold your peace…