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We help non-fiction authors that want to sell more books, build a tribe of "raving fans" and create a meaningful business that gets you noticed. 

The 5 Key Ingredients of a Bestselling Book

...and how to predict (without fail) your level of success before you even start writing.

Have you ever wondered what separates books that get 1-2 sales per day, from the ones that get 50-100 sales per day? 

The answer is often less to do with marketing, and more to do with the “influence” mechanics of your book. 

Let me explain. 

But first, take yourself back to the last book you purchased. How many did you skip over before FINALLY clicking on that “add to cart” button? 

If you’re like most, you probably looked at between 4-6 other books, but something made you continue looking, right? 

They failed to INFLUENCE you to BUY. 

It didn’t excite you. 

Something just didn’t click. 

Maybe it was obvious to you at the time, but often… 

It’s a subconscious decision. 

In fact, I would go as far to say … that 95% of self publishers have little idea about why their books aren’t selling...

But the truth is…

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